Virtual Triathlon

Participate in a Virtual Triathlon, Fun Run or Another Racing Event In Your Area

Few things can top the satisfaction of a successful run. However, you can compound that feeling by participating in a triathlon, half marathon or some other racing event. Even better is a virtual triathlon, which gives you all the excitement of a traditional race but with flexibility tailored to your needs. If this has even slightly piqued your interest, you need to look into virtual races with Virtual Run CA!

Lose All the Things You Hate About Traditional Running; Keep the Rest

One reason that virtual races have become popular is because of their openness and convenience. But another advantage is that they eliminate some of the least appealing parts of traditional running.
  • Race Independently or With Friends : Some people love participating alongside like-minded athletes. Others thrive in settings where they can compete with strangers from the safety of their own homes. More enjoy running, biking and swimming at their own leisure, without others watching. Fortunately, how you choose to participate in a virtual triathlon is up to you, so you can either recruit a few friends to run with or do so on your own.
  • Fewer Restrictions : While virtual races aren’t entirely free from rules, they aren’t bound by location or date either. With traditional races, someone else chooses the route and times for you, which can often be inconvenient. Not to mention, every run is dependent on the weather for that day. Rather than worrying about all that, run where and when you want with virtual races.
  • Rewards Worth Running For : You might be thinking, “If I don’t run an in-person race, I’m going to miss out on all the incredible medals, shirts and merchandise that comes with the event.” Thankfully, this is untrue. When you sign up for a virtual run, you will still be able to receive all the best race swag. Keep your collection of race medals growing by participating in one of these fun events!

Take Your Exercise Routine to The Next Level

If you are interested in a virtual triathlon, half-marathon, fun run or some other racing event, Virtual Run CA can introduce you to some of the country’s best virtual races. By partnering with a wide variety of organizations and charities, we have been able to offer a truly diverse range of races. And to help runners foster a sense of community with athletes all across the globe, we use Sportstats, the world's largest sports timing company. With this tool, you can track your times, compete with friends, build custom profiles and more.

Go for the Gold

Virtual races are quickly becoming one of the top activities for runners all across the world. To participate in an event yourself, see what we offer on our website. And for questions regarding races or to learn more about our company, reach out to us at