Virtual Running Canada

The running shoes of a person virtual running in Canada

Participate in the Latest Sports Fad: Start Virtual Running in Canada

Lace up your running shoes and grab your best workout clothes because it’s time to start running! All across Canada, thousands of athletes are enrolling in race events from the comfort of their own homes. No longer are runners restricted by location and weather conditions; virtual running in Canada lets athletes sign up for races without all the complications of an in-person event. If you are searching for virtual races you’ll love, look no further than Virtual Run CA!

What is Virtual Running & Why is it Becoming so Popular?

If you’ve never heard of virtual running in Canada before, you might think it’s some new type of “video game.” However, this is not the case. A virtual run is a sports event that contains all the perks of a traditional race but minimizes physical interaction with others. These races can be completed either alone, with family or with a close group of friends. Whichever way you choose to participate, you record your best times, gain cool race swag to show off, and ultimately push yourself toward a healthier lifestyle. Now, more than ever, casual runners and experienced athletes alike are taking advantage of all virtual runs have to offer.

Virtual Running VS In-Person Races: How Do They Compare?

Many of the advantages of traditional races are the same as those of a virtual run. However, there are a few notable similarities and differences.
  • Similarities
    • A Competitive Atmosphere – Although virtual runs were created for contestants to race alone or with a few friends, you can still compete against hundreds of other athletes in the country—all of whom are contending for the best possible times.
    • Cool Swag & Souvenirs – With every event you enroll in, you will receive beautiful race-specific medals, t-shirts and other themed gear.
    • Amazing Health Benefits – You prepare for each virtual race just as you would for a traditional event. Be sure to train a lot before the big day!
  • Differences
    • Social Distancing – Say goodbye to lining up next to hundreds of sweaty athletes. With virtual running, it’s just yourself and the other individuals you’ve chosen to participate with.
    • Location – You also have complete freedom to choose the location of your race. Prefer to run on a treadmill? You can! Have a particular running path in mind? You can do that too! There are no rules or restrictions; you get to run where you feel most comfortable.
    • Event Time – Another big difference between virtual and traditional racing is that with virtual runs, you can participate and record your results at almost any time. As long as you finish within the span of your event (usually they run for a few weeks), you can choose the day and time which works best for you.
A runner tracking his race time after virtual running in Canada

Ready to Give Virtual Run a Try?

As easy as it is to start virtual running in Canada, it’s even easier to sign up. Virtual Run CA makes enrolling for a virtual race a straightforward process. We help you find the event that most appeals to your interests. And, if you are looking to run for a cause, we will happily point you in the direction of our available options. Visit the Virtual Run CA website today and find the race you’ve been looking for! For specific questions about any of our race events, email us today at