Virtual Run

A woman adjusting her shoes, getting ready to start her virtual run in Canada

Why Virtual Runs Are the Best Alternative to Traditional Races

Born from the desire to make running events more accessible while maintaining a safe social distance, the “virtual run” has become an excellent alternative to traditional racing. When participating in a virtual race, you can run anywhere, anytime and at any pace you want. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of available running events, and at Virtual Run Canada, we have plenty of available options for your area!

How They Work

Anyone can participate in a virtual run! You don’t have to have special technology—all you need is your phone, an internet connection and a passion for racing. Many athletes use these types of events to help them stay physically fit and connected to the community. Still more participate so they can contribute to a cause they care deeply for. Whatever your interest is, getting involved is as simple as signing up, running your time and submitting your results!

Three Things to Love About Virtual Runs

While nothing can match the appeal of a traditional race, virtual running offers several advantages otherwise unavailable for in-person events.
  • You Control the Time and Location : One of the most notable differences between virtual and traditional races is that virtual races are more flexible. There are no strict time limits to adhere to and no location restrictions to avoid. You get to control when and where you race. And it is these small choices that bring you closer to your best possible time.
  • Weather Isn’t An Issue : When lousy weather creeps into the forecast on the day of an in-person race, the event is bound to be canceled or postponed. However, with virtual races, you can choose what day you want to run and submit your results to see how you compare to other competitors.
  • You Choose The Type of Race You Want to Run : Virtual Run Canada allows you to choose the type of race you want to run. Whether you are looking for a specific theme or cause to support, you can select the one that best suits your interests. Furthermore, with complete control over the race conditions, you have a greater chance of beating your best time. So lace up your tennis shoes, put on your favorite song and hit the ground running against a group of like-minded athletes.
A man running outdoors for his virtual run in Canada

Get Involved

Virtual Run Canada is an athletic company dedicated to helping runners find the best racing events in their area. We understand the benefits a virtual run brings those who value local race events but cannot participate due to current circumstances. When you work with us, our team sets you up with race packages that present a challenge, speak to your preference and allow you to stay physically fit. On top of that, Sportstats, our time tracking program, enables you to build a racing platform you and others can view online. If you are interested in a virtual run but don’t know where to start, check out our available events today. And if you have questions about current races or anything else regarding virtual running, email us at