Virtual Races with Medals

An athlete running on a treadmill while participating in virtual races with medals in Canada

Run at Your Own Pace with Virtual Races with Medals

Are you trying to get more physically fit? Or maybe you are looking for a little more competition in your life? Then you will love participating in virtual races with medals! You get all the excitement and swag that comes with a traditional race, but the race itself is safe and socially distanced. While nothing can quite compare to a classic sporting event, a virtual race is the next best thing! When looking for virtual races in your area, let Virtual Run Canada be your guide!

What is Virtual Racing?

Just because social distancing has become your “new normal” doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in that 5k or triathlon you’ve wanted to enter. Virtual races give athletes the unique opportunity to compete in races at the time and location of their choice. Plus, runners still get the chance to connect with other athletes, try to beat their best times and walk away sporting some pretty awesome swag.

How Can I Have a Successful Virtual Run Experience?

  1. Determine the Details - One of the most significant advantages of virtual runs is the freedom of choice. With so many different kinds of events out there, you can decide on the details yourself, including the type, location and goals of your run.
  2. Select the Right Race - Once you’ve decided on the details of your race, you’ll need to navigate through our site and choose the race that’s right for you. Options vary on times, causes, themes and more!
  3. Get Ready to Race - When it comes to a race, virtual or otherwise, you should take your competition seriously and prepare accordingly. In either instance, there is plenty of incentive to shoot for your best run time. Eating healthy, exercise and adhering to your usual routine are all great ways to get ready for an upcoming event.
  4. Run Your Race - Virtual runs usually take place over the course of a couple of weeks, meaning that you get to choose the day or your race. To ensure your best time, check the forecast in advance and choose a time where the conditions are best suited for your body and training.
  5. Track Your Stats & Receive Cool Swag - Just because you’ve finished your race doesn’t mean you have to be done with a virtual one. After you’ve crossed the finish line, send your times to Virtual Run Canada, and we’ll hook you up with shirts, medals and other fun memorabilia. On top of that, you can continue to connect with other runners, continuously competing to beat their best times!
Different running shoes from virtual races for medals in Canada

What Virtual Run Canada Can Do To Help

Virtual Run Canada is the best place online to find several different virtual races with medals. Are you looking for a space-themed race that supports a good cause? Or how about a triathlon that contributes towards advancing the arts? You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with Virtual Run Canada! And we’ll help you track your run times through Sportstats, our advanced time tracking system. When you’re ready to dive into your first or hundredth one of our virtual races with medals, contact the Virtual Run Canada team to learn more. To see what run events are available in your area, check out our website. Or, for additional questions about our races, email us at