Virtual Races

Virtual Races: The New Way to Run

It’s time to get up and go because race events are one of the most exciting ways to enhance your run! If you have trouble finding half-marathons, 5Ks, triathlons or other events in your area, though, don’t fret! With virtual races, finding events near you is never an issue! A virtual race (or virtual run) allows you to participate anywhere and at any time. You get complete control over where, when and whom you want to run with. And with the numerous options available from Virtual Run CA, enrolling has never been easier!

Three Reasons Why Runners are Going Virtual

Virtual running is the latest trend for beginners and advanced athletes alike. And it’s no wonder why, because a virtual race offers some of the same excellent benefits of traditional running with a few extra advantages.
  • You Get to Pick Your Partner : There’s no debating the fun of a traditional 5K or triathlon. However, such events can become quickly crowded with other participants, and soon you might find yourself rubbing elbows with strangers. On the other hand, virtual racing allows you to choose whom you run with. Challenge your friends or family to enroll with you and enjoy a day exercising as a group. Or, if you are more of an individualist, you can run solo and focus on perfecting your time; it’s totally up to you!
  • The Course Is Yours to Choose : Do you have difficulty navigating the course of the race your town puts on annually? The good news is you don’t have to race there! Instead, you can run wherever you want with virtual racing. If you prefer running through the park or you want to work on tackling your best time on the treadmill, no one will stop you! The options for which route you want to take are endless with virtual races in CA.
  • Flexible Race Dates : Few things are worse than spending several weeks preparing for a race only to have the event postponed due to bad weather. Sometimes, these types of incidents even get canceled indefinitely, meaning you set a specific day aside for nothing. However, with virtual racing, this isn’t an issue. You can select when you want to race as long as it's within a time frame of a few weeks. Now, you can choose a day with pleasant weather conditions!

The Ideal Race Set-Up

With Virtual Run CA, signing up for virtual races is a quick and easy process. All you have to do is visit our website and go through our selection of available race events. You can then select the event that supports the charity of your choice, the running goals you are trying to meet or the swag that you want. After signing up, you can run at your earliest convenience, and we will send out your medals and shirts. And, once you’ve ran your race, you can record your best times through Sportstats, our race tracking software, which allows you to compete with friends, family and other athletes.

Pick Racing Back Up Again

When you’re already to participate in some of the best virtual races in CA, allow the Virtual Run CA team to put you on the right path. To learn more about us or our racing events, visit our website or email us today at