Virtual Race Medals

How to Win Virtual Race Medals and Cool Event Swag

Are you struggling to find a racing event in your area? Well, don’t give up just yet, because we have a simple solution! Instead of waiting around for a race to come to you, you can find a 5K, marathon, triathlon or more with virtual running! It’s all the fun of a regular race event. You can earn t-shirts, virtual race medals and run for a cause you believe in—all at a socially safe distance! Thus, when looking for the best virtual races, look no further than Virtual Run CA.

Virtual vs. Traditional: What’s the Difference?

Whether running is just a casual hobby or an essential part of your life, virtual runs can help you stay active and connected to the running community. These unique events also come with much of the same benefits as traditional racing. The difference is virtual races increase flexibility while eliminating physical interactions that could compromise your health. And, the best part is that there’s always a wealth of exciting races to choose from, no matter where you are located.

Everything You Could Want in a Race & More!

There are so many reasons to love running: the excitement that comes with beating your best time, the thrill of the event itself or the fun of adding to your collection of cool swag. And, for the same reasons that you love traditional racing, you’ll also enjoy virtual runs.
  • Amazing Health Benefits : Most people know that running and exercise help with both mental and physical health. Virtual runs are a simple way to put a spin on your old exercise routine. And since they are simple enough to do from your home, you can use them as an incentive to push yourself towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • A Tool to Track Your Time : Another thing to love about virtual races is our virtual tracking software, Sportstats, which allows you to post your best race times publicly! Moreover, you can build your own profile within the system and compare your scores with friends, family and strangers. Whomever you choose to interact with, you are sure to find a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to inspiring and supporting you.
  • Cool Medals : One of the best ways to commemorate an eventful race is with a medal, t-shirt or some other kind of collectible item. And at Virtual Run CA, we give all runners their own virtual race medals. Don’t worry, though; these awards aren’t “virtual” in the same sense that our races are. We will send you one you can still physically hold and display in your home.

Selecting the Right Race for You

Are you ready to get involved with a virtual race? It’s never been easier than with us! We help host and support hundreds of virtual race events all across the country. Each one revolves around a unique theme for you to get excited about. Furthermore, the races on our website are always for a good cause. So with the tremendous amount of themes and causes to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your style.

Get Your Running Shoes Ready

Whether you consider yourself an amateur or a professional athlete, there’s no better time to stay active and collect virtual race medals than the present! Find the best virtual races in your area through Virtual Run CA’s website. For questions concerning our company or a specific event, email us at