Virtual 5K

What’s a Virtual 5K, and Why’s Everyone Talking About It?

In the high-tech world of today, where information is all at the tips of our fingers, there are more and more ways to do the things we love. Take, for example, a 5K. What was once necessary for the event to occur can now be done with the click of a mouse. And even though a virtual 5K all happens online, the experience itself is still incredibly authentic. Not to mention how convenient it is for race organizers and runners! Are you interested in getting involved? When looking for your next virtual race to participate in, let VIrtual Run CA lend a hand!

What You Need to Know

Whether you want to run a virtual 5K or you’re looking for another type of race event, we can walk you through the enrollment process. In no time, you will find yourself virtual running alongside other athletes located all across the country!
  • How to Get Started : The first thing to do when you want to participate in a virtual run event is to check out our website! At Virtual Run CA, we help host hundreds of different races annually. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a race that offers the kind of challenge you’re interested in, a cause you care about, and the types of swag you want to walk away with. And once you’ve found a virtual race that suits your preferences, the sign-up process is incredibly straightforward!
  • What You Can Do to Prepare : Just as you would prepare for an in-person race, you should also train for a virtual one. The advantage is that when you finally feel ready to race, you can pick the time and place that you want. This flexibility is not available for traditional running events, so take full advantage of it and select a sunny day on your favorite running trail to get your race started!
  • Flexibility Where You Want It : When you participate in a virtual race, it’s all about running it the way you want. Want to partner up with some friends? Invite them along. Prefer to focus on getting your best time? Track it on the treadmill. Not big on running? No problem; go at your own pace! No matter what you decide to do, a virtual fun run or virtual 5K can add some spice to your regular exercise routine.

Connect with the Racing Community

One of the best benefits of virtual run events is the community they have created. With virtual racing, like-minded individuals can connect across the web, sharing their race times, running goals, training tips and more. And comparing racing times has never been simpler. Thanks to the implementation of Sportstats, the largest sports timing company in the world, you can track your time, build a profile and interact with others easily.

From Start to Finish

Whether considering a virtual 5K or some other online racing event, Virtual Run CA is the best place to go for all things running. To learn more about our company or what types of events we offer, visit our website or email us at