Running Races

Running Races Made Easy through Virtual Running CA

You shouldn’t have to move from city to city, continually tracking down the next race you want to run. Thankfully there is an easier and more convenient way to compete with friends and family. You can keep running the races you love and eliminate the traveling component through virtual racing. Choose from an incredible selection of events today at Virtual Run CA.

Three Things to Love About Running Races

As fun as it is to run at your local gym or nature trail, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes from running a race. Athletes across the globe have fallen in love with competitive racing for several reasons, but some of the most popular include the community, exercise benefits and causes involved. Find all these things today when running your race.

  • Find Your Tribe Races are about connecting and competing with other individuals, but they go far beyond that. Entire communities, both in-person and otherwise, are built upon these types of events. Within these communities, there are many incredible individuals to exchange stats, tips and words of encouragement with.
  • Get Fit Races aren’t designed to be “run and done.” To truly race to the best of your ability, you’ll want to spend time preparing in the lead-up to the event. Much of this prep will involve exercising and adjusting eating habits—both elements which will promote a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, racing is an incredible way to build stamina and strength, getting you closer to your goals with each event.
  • Support a Great Cause Running races aren’t only good for your physical health; they also improve your mental state. And one sure way to elevate your mood with running is by participating in one tied to a charity or cause. By signing up for one of these races yourself, you can do your part in raising money and awareness for something worthwhile. Find an event for a specific cause on our website today!

Where Does Virtual Run Fit In?

While all of the points outlined above are great reasons to start running races, many more are found in virtual races. Slightly different from traditional races, these events provide many of the same mental and physical benefits. However, there is a lot more flexibility available with virtual running. Instead of adhering to a strict set of guidelines, you get to choose when, where and what type of race you want to run, whether a fun run, 5K or triathlon. Furthermore, with virtual races, you never have to worry about traveling out of town to find the right event. There are always virtual races available in your area, so you can schedule one at a time and a place that is convenient for you.

More Information

Virtual Run CA hosts dozens of running events all across the country. These races offer cool shirts, medals and other unique swag you can cherish for years to come. But perhaps more exciting than that is SportsStats, our race time tracking program that lets you compete and connect with other like-minded athletes. If you are interested in signing up for one of our fun virtual events, check out what’s available on our website. Or, for specific questions about our races, email us at