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Woman lacing up her shoes to get ready for running events in Canada

Run Wherever You Want with Virtual Running Events

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. People always experience a strong desire to get outdoors and “stretch their legs.” And for individuals that enjoy running, this is especially true. But what happens in off times when running events are scarce? Many gravitate towards online races known as virtual runs. A popular alternative to traditional racing, virtual runs give athletes the freedom to run anywhere and anytime they want. If that sounds appealing, then you’ve come to the right place! At Virtual Run CA, you will find a wide range of races you can participate in from the comfort of your own home.

Three Things to Love About Virtual Racing

If you are already an avid fan of 5Ks, fun runs, half-marathons and other race events, you’re sure to enjoy virtual running. And even though the term might imply you have to be an internet whiz, there’s no need to worry. You don’t even need an online presence to participate! Here are three more things to love about virtual racing:

  • You Choose Your Course - While there is always some thought put into the course of a traditional race, it’s nice not to feel limited to a “specific track.” Virtual runs free you up by allowing you to run anywhere you like! Route your run through your favorite park or nature trail. Or, if the outdoors aren’t really your thing, you can choose to run your race indoors. The way you run is up to you!
  • You Pick Your Racing Partners - Sure, traditional running events allow you to sign up with friends and family, but you’ll still always compete with a large group of people you’ve likely never met. If social distancing is a concern of yours, virtual running provides an easy alternative. It allows you to choose who you want to run with so you don’t have to worry about rubbing elbows with strangers. Or, if you run better on your own, you can do that too. You’re in control and get to choose which option best benefits you.
  • You Get to Walk Away with Cool Swag - Virtual running eliminates the boring parts of traditional race events and leaves its participants with elements that are both fun and beneficial. One of these things is race swag. Each event comes with a custom medal you can’t get anywhere else. And if medals don’t motivate you, the competition surely will. With virtual runs, you can compete with thousands of athletes through Sportstats, our advanced time tracking program.
Woman racing down a path during running events in Canada

Find the Race You Want to Run

The beauty of virtual races is that there’s no shortage of events to choose from. Even in the winter, when traditional races are rare, you can still find plenty of virtual running events. And through Virtual Run CA, there are races for a wide range of preferences. We offer all types of triathlons, fun runs and 5Ks. Moreover, plenty of our races revolve around unique themes and causes. Peruse our website today to find one you want to run!

More Information

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