Best Virtual Races

Get Ready to Run the Best Virtual Races in CA

Runners, throw on your racing shoes because there are 5Ks, triathlons and marathons in your area! And by that, we don’t mean the traditional crowded ones you’re probably used to. We are talking about the best virtual races in CA! At a time when it is especially risky to gather publicly, Virtual Run CA offers a plethora of events all across the country. And, on an even better note, it’s never been easier to sign up than right now!

Virtual Races Are Easy to Apply for and Fun to Run

You don’t need to be super techy to be involved in a virtual race. It’s as simple as selecting the event you want to run, finding a place that works for you and recording your best running time! Then, after all is said and done, you can post your times online to compete with other athletes across the country—all while enjoying the fantastic race swag gained in the process.

Three Things to Love About Our Events

Over the past year or so, virtual races have gained more and more attention among athletes and amateurs alike. But they aren’t entirely new. And with even more folks discovering the excellent advantages of virtual runs, these unique athletic events are here for the foreseeable future.
  • Your Race, Your Rules : Some runners have time to put toward an all-day event, but not all. And if you’ve ever participated in a traditional race, then you’ll already know how long they can take. On the other hand, virtual races give individuals the freedom to run on their own time. As long as your running time is recorded before the event ends, you can practice whenever you want. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!
  • The Course of Your Choice : Is there a specific spot where you like to run? Or does racing on a track make you feel more comfortable? Another advantage of virtual races is that you can run anywhere you want! Since no one is there to hold you to a specific route, you can set your own course at your own pace. Next time you sign up for one of our runs, you can enjoy yours on a nature trail or a treadmill; the choice is up to you!
  • Medals for a Good Cause : When searching for the best virtual races in your area, the sky’s the limit. Not only does Virtual Run CA offer hundreds of virtual run events throughout the year, but each comes with a unique theme, incredible swag and a cause you can care about. So even if your first race ends up being a bust, you can almost always find something else that better suits your style!

Allow Us to Help

Count on us to direct you to the best virtual races in your area where runners, bikers and walkers alike can compete! Hone your racing skills by signing up with a buddy today. We promise our events will give you the same excitement and satisfaction of a regular race, but with a lot less physical contact. And when you're done, you and your racing partners can track your times through Sportstats, our incredible stats tracking program.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Only the best virtual races await you when you search for events throughout Virtual Run CA. Check out what’s currently available on our site. Or, for more information about us or a specific event, email our team today at