About Us

How did all this get started?

Our team is made up of individuals who have worked in the event industry for decades. When the pandemic caused the cancellation of all events, we knew we needed to do something to give people an opportunity to keep racing. We asked ourselves, "What if there was a way for people to race safely on their own, wherever they are, but still feel like they aren't doing this alone?" And thus, VirtualRun.World and Virtual Run Canada were born.


Virtual Racing: The Early Days

We launched in June 2020 with our first events: Canada Day, #SlowMileChallenge, and the Great Lakes Challenge (if you've been with us from the beginning, you probably remember these first medals). We created our #VirtualRunningSquad group on Facebook to give participants a space to interact, ask questions, and share their experience. What we did not (and could not have) anticipated was what this community has become. The Squad quickly became a place to not only share your post-race selfie, but to find inspiration and encouragement, get advice from others, and celebrate your achievements together. Show us a more positive and supportive community than the #VirtualRunningSquad. We'll wait.

We love racing with you!

Since those first three events, we have produced a wide variety of races and unique challenges, with everything from distance to elevation to consistency objectives. We have also partnered with many great charities to give back with our events and the help of our virtual racing community. Producing virtual events has not been without its challenges and bumps along the road. Turns out, starting a business in a pandemic isn't always easy! But we are always ready to learn from our mistakes, we aim to be better every day, and we put our customers above all else. And why wouldn't we? We have the best customers in the world!


Our Values

We are passionate about setting goals, working hard, and celebrating finish lines! We carry these principles through our training and the events we create. We strive to foster a supportive, encouraging community, while motivating you to reach your goals. Our events are for people of all ages, all skill levels, and all abilities! Walk, run, roll, cycle, hike, swim, paddle, skate, ski...the choice is yours. Conquer the distance all at once, or break it up over multiple activities. This is your race at your pace. 

No matter the distance or how you reach the finish line, we're cheering for you!